Laser Encoders

Laser marking system

Tagging and coding your products has now become more versatile, intuitive, reliable and affordable than ever! UNUDI introduces the Linx SL family of industrial vector laser printers. These laser marking systems produce very high quality codes and graphics.

The Linx SL1 is a fast and compact laser coder, which can be used anywhere where the space is small, without disturbing the production line.

The Linx CSL10 and CSL30 laser encoders offer the most flexible solution for applying simple or complex codes at a variety of line speeds and materials, being designed to meet individual requirements.

The Linx CSL60 is ideal for faster marking in extreme applications, such as beverage packaging, automotive or food products, boxes, among others.

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Our other solutions for your business:

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Everything your industry needs to mark and identify your packaging and products.

Coding Solution

We present the most robust and reliable encoders on the market.


For greater reliability, we offer original LINX supplies and consumables.

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