Term Transfer Encoders - TTO

Term Transfer Coders

UNUDI offers The line term transfer coders (TTO – Thermal Transfer Overprint) Linx, prepared to provide you with maximum efficiency to its production line of flexible films, such as packages, stand-up pouches, burdens, and labels.

The Linx TT3 is a device designed for basic applications for printing dates, batches, general text and images, such as fixed barcodes in limited printing areas. They are perfect for replacing obsolete mechanical daters, such as mechanical stamps, hot stamps, hot rolls or low relief.

The Linx TT5 is used for applications that require a larger print area. Print dates, batches, counters, in addition to dynamic barcodes and datamatrix. It has several advanced ribbon saving modes . It also features connectivity functions, including Ethernet communication, as standard. It has the longest ribbon length on the market: rolls up to 1.2 km to ensure that your wrapper, labeler or baler will stop as little as possible to change the ribbon.

The Linx TT10 has a larger printing area than the TT5. Perfect for standardizing packaging (nutritional tables, products with complex descriptions), or printing large bar codes on bales. They provide great flexibility and savings when replacing pre-printed labels, or printed on thermal bench printers.

In addition to thermal transfer printers, UNUDI also has a special line of accessories developed to meet the specific needs of the industry. We have solutions such as: special supports, external protections against dust and moisture (which allows the installation of this type of equipment in sugar, salt and cement production lines, for example) among several other options.

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